How Therapeutic Shoes Can Change Your Day To Day Living

  • Fri 12th Jan 2018 - 11:04am
    If the metatarsal is too long and the toe won't settle Mycozil back into position, a shortening procedure may be performed on the long bone to release pressure on the base of the toe and allow it to become straight again. Once the toe is straight, an external metal wire is used to hold the position for several weeks while the toe heals. There are sometimes other procedures that must be performed to ensure the toe stays in a proper position long after healing. This can include fusing one of the toe joints if it is very rigid, or if the contracture is due to a progressively present neuromuscular disease that will re-contract the toe later on if it is not made more rigid. Another extra procedure involves transferring one of the tendons that flex the toe over to the top of the toe, where the tendon will now push the toe downward instead of curling and moving it upward.

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