Nintendo Switch is a success in japan

  • Thu 7th Dec 2017 - 8:35am
    Have you ever met the conditions of selling a new product, where the only thing that limits the fantastic sales figures actually arises from the unpreparedness of the manufacturer to provide stock on the market? Believe it or not, this is what happened with Nintendo with their latest product - Switch. At the beginning of the release, gamers in Japan even have to queue up long to just get the lottery number, for the sake of the opportunity to get and buy the Switch itself. Ahead of the long holiday period, Nintendo is constantly trying to increase the amount of stock available, to meet the hype that seems to show no signs of going out in the near future. The hype also translates well with sales figures. Based on a recent report from Media Create, Nintendo is rumored to have sold about 2.5 million units of Nintendo Switch for local market - Japan. This figure is listed from the latest sales data on December 3, 2017 ago. For a new console about 9 months old, this is of course an amazing number. Especially considering if the total sales of previous generation consoles - Nintendo Wii U only sold about 3.3 million units during its lifetime. While on the other hand, Sony's mainstay console - Playstation 4 also managed to reach the new milestone with sales figures - 5.5 million units in Japan since its release in 2014 ago. Latest data mention that Nintendo Switch has sold 2.5 million units in Japan. Approaching the total Wii U sales of "only" 3.3 million units in the same market. the graphics card inside this article is recommended With the end of year long holiday period which is also often identical to the spending period, it is not impossible that this number will continue to grow, even reaching a significant number. At least this gives a strong signal that the "gambling" that made Nintendo by making the Switch as a hybrid console so far, looks paid off sweet. How about you? How many of you are interested in purchasing Nintendo Switches in the near future?

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